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Reference topic


How to use this template: start with the markdown version of the template, either by copying the file from our GitHub repo or downloading the template file using the following command:


Edit your markdown file as you work, reading this page for the descriptions of each section. You can build out a "stub file" with just headers, then gradually add content to each section. Use screenshots sparingly, only for complex UIs where it is difficult to describe a UI element with words. Refer to our General Guidelines for writing tips and authentik-specific rules.

Create a title that specifies the component you are documenting. For example, "Group attributes".

Provide a sentence or two about the topic.

Reference documentation provides details, values, syntax, etc., about specific programming elements.

The most common type of reference documentation is for REST APIs; the request syntax, a successful response, any parameters such as query, header, or request body parameters, and possible http status codes.

Other types of reference content include lists of functions, parameters, object properties, event actions, and attributes.

Head 2

Use a title that is descriptive, such as "User object attributes" or "Expression policy functions".

Use tables, bullet lists, Head3s... whatever you need to clearly present the values.

Be sure to use a sentence after every heading, to explain what the section is about, how the values are used, etc.

Head 3 (optional, if needed)

Add a sentence explaining the following grouping.

Head 3 (optional, if needed)

Add a sentence explaining the following grouping.