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System Settings

These settings are similar to the configuration options listed here, however they can only be adjusted through the authentik Admin interface or API.


Configure how authentik should show avatars for users. Following values can be set:

Default: gravatar,initials

  • none: Disables per-user avatars and just shows a 1x1 pixel transparent picture

  • gravatar: Uses gravatar with the user's email address

  • initials: Generated avatars based on the user's name

  • Any URL: If you want to use images hosted on another server, you can set any URL.

    Additionally, these placeholders can be used:

    • %(username)s: The user's username
    • %(mail_hash)s: The email address, md5 hashed
    • %(upn)s: The user's UPN, if set (otherwise an empty string)

You can also use an attribute path like attributes.something.avatar, which can be used in combination with the file field to allow users to upload custom avatars for themselves.

Multiple modes can be set, and authentik will fallback to the next mode when no avatar could be found. For example, setting this to gravatar,initials will attempt to get an avatar from Gravatar, and if the user has not configured on there, it will fallback to a generated avatar.

Allow users to change name

Enable the ability for users to change their name, defaults to true.

Allow users to change email

Enable the ability for users to change their Email address, defaults to false.

Allow users to change username

Enable the ability for users to change their Usernames, defaults to false.

Event retention

Configure how long Events are retained for within authentik. Default value is days=365. When forwarding events to an external application, this value can be decreased. When changing this value, only new events are affected.

This option configures the footer links on the flow executor pages.

The setting can be used as follows:

[{ "name": "Link Name", "href": "" }]

GDPR compliance

When enabled, all the events caused by a user will be deleted upon the user's deletion. Defaults to true.


Globally enable/disable impersonation. Defaults to true.

Default token duration

Default duration for generated tokens. Defaults to minutes=30.

Default token length

Default length of generated tokens. Defaults to 60.