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Whitelist email domains

To add specific email addresses to an allow list for signing in through SSO or directly with default policy customization, follow these steps:

  1. In the Admin interface, navigate to Customization > Policies and modify the default policy named default-source-enrollment-if-sso.

  2. Add the following code snippet in the policy-specific settings under Expression and then click Update.

allowed_domains = ["", ""]

current_domain = request.context["prompt_data"]["email"].split("@")[1]
if current_domain not in allowed_domains:
ak_message("Access denied for this email domain")
return False
return ak_is_sso_flow

This configuration specifies the allowed_domains list of domains for logging in through SSO, such as Google OAuth2. If your email is not in the available domains, you will receive a 'Permission Denied' message on the login screen.