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Configure Entra ID


The configuration of your Microsoft Entra ID environment must be completed before you add the new provider in authentik.

For detailed instructions, refer to Microsoft Entra ID documentation.

Configure Entra ID

  1. Log into the Azure portal and on the Home page, under Azure services, click on or search for App registrations.
  2. On the App registrations page, click New registration.
  3. On the Register an application page, define the Name of the app, and under Supported account types select Accounts in this organizational directory only. Leave Redirect URI empty.
  4. Click Register. The app's detail page displays.
  5. On the app detail page, copy both the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID values and store in a temporary place. These values will be needed when you create the Entra ID provider in authentik.
  6. Next, click on Certificates and Secrets in the near-left navigation pane and create a new secret.
  7. On the Certificates and Secrets page, on the Client secrets tab, copy the Value of the secret and store it in a temporary place. Like with the client ID and the tenant ID, this secret will be needed when you create the Entra ID provider in authentik.
  8. Next, click on API permissions in the near-left navigation pane.
  9. Click on Add a permission and add the following permissions by selecting Microsoft Graph and then Application Permissions:
    • Group.Create
    • Group.ReadWrite.All
    • GroupMember.ReadWrite.All
    • User.Read
    • User.ReadWrite.All

Now you are ready to add Entra ID as a provider in authentik.