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Support level: Community

Allows users to authenticate using their Twitch credentials


The following placeholders will be used:

  • is the FQDN of the authentik install.


  1. Click Register Your Application in the Twitch Developers Console

Register Your Application Button

  1. Name your Application

  2. Add in the OAuth Redirect URLs field

  3. Select a Category for your Application

  4. Click Create to finish the registration of your Application

Create Application

  1. Click Manage on your newly created Application

Manage Application

  1. Copy your Client ID and save it for later

  2. Click New Secret to create a new Secret

  3. Copy the above Secret and also save it for later

Copy Keys


  1. Under Directory -> Federation & Social login Click Create Twitch OAuth Source

  2. Name: Choose a name (For the example I used Twitch)

  3. Slug: twitch (You can choose a different slug, if you do you will need to update the Twitch redirect URL and point it to the correct slug.)

  4. Consumer Key: Client ID from step 7

  5. Consumer Secret: Secret from step 9

Here is an example of a complete authentik Twitch OAuth Source

Authentik Source Example

Save, and you now have Twitch as a source.


For more details on how-to have the new source display on the Login Page see here.