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Support level: authentik

Allows users to authenticate using their twitter credentials


The following placeholders will be used:

  • is the FQDN of the authentik install.


You will need to create a new project, and OAuth credentials in the Twitter Developer console.

  1. Visit to create a new App
  2. Select an environment fitting to your use-case
  3. Give the app a name, for example authentik
  4. Finish setting up the app by clicking App settings. Any of the API keys on this screen are not used by authentik.
  5. Click the Set up button

  1. Enable OAuth 2.0
  2. Set Type of App to Web
  3. Set Callback URI / Redirect URL to
  4. Set Website URL to

  1. Confirm with Save
  2. Copy and store Client ID and Client Secret for later


  1. Under Directory -> Federation & Social login Click Create Twitter OAuth Source

  2. Name: Choose a name (For the example I use Google)

  3. Slug: twitter (If you choose a different slug the URLs will need to be updated to reflect the change)

  4. Consumer Key: Your Client ID from step 25

  5. Consumer Secret: Your Client Secret from step 25


For more details on how-to have the new source display on the Login Page see here.