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Get started

Installing authentik is exactly the same process for both Enterprise version and our free open source version.

Install Enterprise

To get started working with Enterprise authentik, upgrade to the 2023.8.x version or later. For installation steps, refer to our technical documentation for instructions to install and configure authentik.

Access Enterprise

Access your Enterprise features by first purchasing a license for the organization.

To open the Customer portal and buy a license, go to the Admin interface and in the left pane, navigate to Enterprise -> Licenses, and then click Go to Customer portal.

The license key provides direct access to the Customer portal, where you define your organization and its members, manage billing, and access our Support center.

Visit the Support center

Enterprise authentik provides dedicated support, with a Support center where you can open a request and view the progress and communications for your current requests.

To learn about our Support center, see "Enterprise support".