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SCIM Source


This feature is in technical preview, so please report any bugs on GitHub.

The SCIM source allows other applications to directly create users and groups within authentik. SCIM provides predefined schema for users and groups, with a RESTful API, to enable automatic user provisioning and deprovisioning, SCIM is supported by applications such as Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace, and Okta.

The base SCIM URL is in the format of<source-slug>/v2. Authentication is done via Bearer tokens that are generated by authentik. When an SCIM source is created, a service account is created and a matching token is provided.

First steps

To set up an SCIM source, log in as an administrator into authentik. Navigate to Directory->Federation & Social login, and click on Create. Select the SCIM Source type in the wizard, and give the source a name.

After the source is created, click on the name of the source in the list, and you will see the SCIM Base URL which is used by the SCIM client. Use the Click to copy token button to copy the token which is used by the client to authenticate SCIM requests.

Supported Options & Resource types


Endpoint to list, create, update and delete users.


Endpoint to list, create, update and delete groups.

There is also the /v2/ServiceProviderConfig and /v2/ResourceTypes, which is used by SCIM-enabled applications to find out which features authentik supports.