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Upgrade PostgreSQL on Docker Compose

Dump your database

Dump your existing database with docker compose exec postgresql pg_dump -U authentik -d authentik -cC > upgrade_backup_12.sql.

Before continuing, ensure the SQL dump file (upgrade_backup_12.sql) includes all your database content.

Stop your authentik stack

Stop all services with docker compose down.

Backup your existing database

If you use Docker volumes you can run the following command: docker volume create authentik_database_backup && docker run --rm -v authentik_database:/from -v authentik_database_backup:/to alpine sh -c 'cd /from && cp -a . /to'. You can find the name of the authentik_database volume with docker volume ls.

If your data is a file path: cp -a /path/to/v12-data /path/to/v12-backup

Delete your old database


Do not execute this step without checking that the backup (previous step) completed successfully.

If you use Docker volumes: docker volume rm -f authentik_database.

If your data is a file path: rm -rf /path/to/v12-data

Modify your docker-compose.yml file

Update the PostgreSQL service image from to

Add network_mode: none to prevent connections being established to the database during the upgrade.

Recreate the database container

Pull new images and re-create the PostgreSQL container: docker compose pull && docker compose up --force-recreate -d postgresql

Apply your backup to the new database: cat upgrade_backup_12.sql | docker compose exec -T postgresql psql -U authentik

Remove the network configuration setting network_mode: none that you added to the Compose file in the previous step.

Recreate authentik

Start authentik again: docker compose up --force-recreate -d