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What is FreshRSS

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator.



The following placeholders will be used:

  • is the FQDN of the FreshRSS install.
  • port is the port on which the FreshRSS install is running (usually 443)
  • is the FQDN of the authentik install.

authentik configuration

  1. Create an OAuth2/OpenID Provider under Applications > Providers using the following settings:

    • Name: FreshRSS
    • Authorization flow: default-provider-authorization-explicit-consent
    • Protocol Settings:
      • Client Type: Confidential
      • Client ID: Either create your own Client ID or use the auto-populated ID
      • Client Secret: Either create your own Client Secret or use the auto-populated secret

        Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret, you'll need them later.

    • Redirect URIs/Origins:
    • Signing Key: Any of your signing keys
    • Leave everything else as default
  2. Create an Application under Applications > Applications using the following settings:

    • Name: FreshRSS
    • Slug: freshrss
    • Provider: FreshRSS (the provider you created in step 1)
    • Leave everything else as default

FreshRSS configuration


This integration only works with the Docker or Kubernetes install of FreshRSS, using FreshRSS docker image, on x86_64 systems and without the Alpine version of the image. More information can be found on this issue on FreshRSS GitHub

Add those environment variables to your Docker image :

  • OIDC_PROVIDER_METADATA_URL :<application-slug>/.well-known/openid-configuration replacing <application-slug> with the slug of your created application
  • OIDC_CLIENT_ID : the client ID of your provider
  • OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET : the client secret of your provider
  • OIDC_X_FORWARDED_HEADERS : X-Forwarded-Port X-Forwarded-Proto X-Forwarded-Host
  • OIDC_SCOPES : openid email profile

Before restarting your Docker container, ensure that one of the Admin users of your FreshRSS instance has the same login as one of your Authentik user.

Restart your FreshRSS container, and login as a user that exists on both FreshRSS and your Authentik. Navigate to Settings > Authentication in your FreshRSS instance, and choose as an authentication method HTTP (for advanced users with HTTPS)

You can find additional information on FreshRSS documentation