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Uptime Kuma

Support level: Community

What is Uptime Kuma

Uptime Kuma is an easy-to-use self-hosted monitoring tool.


Uptime Kuma currently supports only a single user and no native SSO solution. To still use authentik, you can work with the Proxy Outpost and a Proxy Provider.


The following placeholders will be used:

  • is the FQDN of the Uptime Kuma install.
  • is the FQDN of the authentik install.

Create an application in authentik. Create a Proxy provider with the following parameters:

  • Internal host

    If Uptime Kuma is running in docker, and you're deploying the authentik proxy on the same host, set the value to http://uptime-kuma:3001, where uptime-kuma is the name of your container.

    If Uptime Kuma is running on a different server to where you are deploying the authentik proxy, set the value to http://<Other Host>:3001.

  • External host Set this to the external URL you will be accessing Uptime Kuma from.

  • Skip path regex

    Add the following regex rules to keep the public status page accessible without authentication.


To avoid that all users get admin access to Uptime Kuma create a group in authentik for the admin user. Next set in authentik for the application under Policy / Group / User Bindings a group binding with the group created above.

Uptime Kuma

Disable auth from Uptime Kuma, go to Settings > Advanced > Disable Auth

To access the dashboard, open, this will start the login with authentik. You can also set this address as the Launch URL for the application.