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After a long back and forth, we've finally switched to a more permanent name. Whilst the upgrade is pretty much seamless, there are some things you have to change before upgrading.

Headline changes

  • New name (#361)

  • The web interface is now a semi-SPA Experience. This means that most operations are done through Asynchronous requests

    In this initial release, this brings features such as a refresh button, a generally better User experience due to shorter loading times and fewer visual context changes.

  • The web interface now has a darkmode, which is enabled automatically based on your Operating system darkmode.

  • Application Icons can now be uploaded directly to authentik, rather than just being loaded from a URL

Smaller changes

  • Add better support for Docker Service Connections with Certificates
  • Fix application API not returning the same format as other APIs



Docker-compose users should download the latest docker-compose file from here.


If you decided to rename the folder you're running the docker-compose file from, be aware that this will also change the name, that docker-compose will give the database volume. To mitigate this, either

  • Keep the original directory name
  • Move the directory and set COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME to the name of the old directory (see here)
  • Create a backup, rename the directory and restore from backup. :::

The only manual change you have to do is replace the PASSBOOK_ prefix in your .env file, so PASSBOOK_SECRET_KEY gets changed to AUTHENTIK_SECRET_KEY.

Additionally, the database name and username have to be changed, so add this block to your .env file:


Afterwards, you can simply run docker-compose up -d and then the normal upgrade command of docker-compose run --rm server migrate.


The helm repository changes from passbook to authentik. To update your repository, execute these commands:

helm repo remove passbook
helm repo add authentik

If you've set any custom image names in your values file, make sure to change them to authentik before upgrading.

Additionally, you need to change the database name that authentik uses, as the database name doesn't change. Add this snippet to your values.yaml file:

postgresqlDatabase: passbook

Afterwards you can upgrade as usual from the new repository:

helm upgrade authentik authentik/authentik --devel -f values.yaml

Post-upgrade notes

  • Some default values change, for example the SAML Provider's default issuer.

    This only makes a difference for newly created providers.

  • Expression Policies variables change

    Anything prefixed with pb_ changes to ak_, this change is done automatically