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Release 2022.1

Breaking changes

This release mostly removes legacy fields and features that have been deprecated for several releases.

  • LDAP Outposts:

    This release removes the accountStatus and superuser fields. Use the direct replacements and

  • Proxy Outposts:

    This release consolidates headers sent by authentik to have a common prefix.

    The following headers have been removed:

    • X-Auth-Username, use X-authentik-username
    • X-Auth-Groups, use X-authentik-groups
    • X-Forwarded-Email, use X-authentik-email
    • X-Forwarded-Preferred-Username, use X-authentik-username
    • X-Forwarded-User, use X-authentik-uid

    The proxy now also sets the host header based on what is configured as upstream in the proxy provider. The original Host is forwarded as X-Forwarded-Host.

    Additionally, the header requirements for nginx have changed. Either a X-Original-URL or X-Original-URI header are now required. See the Proxy provider documentation for updated snippets.

  • API:

    The deprecated /api/v2beta/ Endpoint is removed. Use /api/v3/.

  • Backup:

    The integrated backup has been deprecated for the following reasons:

    • Difficulty with restores not working properly
    • Inflexible configuration (fixed retention, limited to once a day, only S3 supported)
    • Most users will already have an existing backup infrastructure

Minor changes/fixes

  • core: dont return 404 when trying to view key of expired token
  • crypto: fully parse certificate on validation in serializer to prevent invalid certificates from being saved
  • flows: handle error if flow title contains invalid format string
  • internal: route traffic to proxy providers based on cookie domain when multiple domain-level providers exist
  • internal: use math.MaxInt for compatibility
  • lifecycle: add early check for missing/invalid secret key
  • outposts/proxyv2: allow access to / urls in forward auth mode to make routing in nginx/traefik easier
  • outposts/proxyv2: fix before-redirect url not being saved in proxy mode
  • outposts/proxyv2: fix JWKS url pointing to localhost on embedded outpost
  • providers/oauth2: change default redirect uri behaviour; set first used url when blank and use star for wildcard
  • root: allow customisation of ports in compose without override
  • root: decrease to 10 backup history
  • root: fix backups running every minute instead of once
  • stages/authenticator_webauthn: make more WebAuthn options configurable
  • web: add polyfill for Intl.ListFormat
  • web: directly read csrf token before injecting into request
  • web: fix double plural in label
  • web/admin: also set embedded outpost host when it doesn't include scheme
  • web/admin: fix missing configure flow setting on webuahtn setup stage form
  • web/flows: remove node directly instead of using removeChild()

Fixed in 2022.1.2

  • internal/proxyv2: only allow access to / in nginx mode when forward url could be extracted
  • lib: disable backup by default, add note to configuration
  • lifecycle: replace lowercase, deprecated prometheus_multiproc_dir
  • outposts: allow custom label for docker containers
  • policies/hibp: ensure password is encodable
  • providers/proxy: add PathPrefix to auto-traefik labels
  • root: upgrade python dependencies

Fixed in 2022.1.3

  • internal: add support for X-Original-URL
  • internal: add optional debug server listening on 9900
  • internal: don't override server header
  • internal: start adding tests to outpost
  • lifecycle: make secret_key warning more prominent
  • lifecycle: wait for db in worker
  • outposts/ldap: Fix more case sensitivity issues. (#2144)
  • outposts/proxy: add more test cases for domain-level auth
  • outposts/proxy: fix potential empty redirect, add tests
  • outposts/proxy: trace full headers to debug
  • providers/proxy: fix traefik label
  • root: add max-requests for gunicorn and max tasks for celery
  • root: fix redis passwords not being encoded correctly
  • web/admin: fix links which look like labels
  • web/admin: fix SMS Stage form not working

Fixed in 2022.1.4

  • core: fix view_token permission not being assigned on token creation for non-admin user
  • lifecycle: remove gunicorn reload option
  • lifecycle: send analytics in gunicorn config to decrease outgoing requests when workers get restarted
  • providers/proxy: add support for X-Original-URI in nginx, better handle missing headers and report errors to authentik
  • providers/proxy: don't include hostname and scheme in redirect when we only got a path and not a full URL
  • providers/proxy: fix routing for external_host when using forward_auth_domain
  • providers/proxy: set traefik labels using object_naming_template instead of UUID
  • sources/ldap: add list_flatten function to property mappings, enable on managed LDAP mappings
  • web: add es locale
  • web: add pl locale
  • web/admin: only check first half of locale when detecting
  • web/flows: fix width on flow container
  • web/user: include locale code in locale selection

Fixed in 2022.1.5

  • build(deps): bump uvicorn from 0.17.1 to 0.17.3 (#2229)
  • core: allow formatting strings to be used for applications' launch URLs
  • internal: don't attempt to lookup SNI Certificate if no SNI is sent
  • internal: fix CSRF error caused by Host header
  • internal: improve error handling for internal reverse proxy
  • internal: remove uvicorn server header
  • internal: trace headers and url for backend requests
  • outposts: fix channel not always having a logger attribute
  • outposts: fix compare_ports to support both service and container ports
  • outposts: fix service reconciler re-creating services
  • outposts: remove node_port on V1ServicePort checks to prevent service creation loops
  • providers/proxy: fix Host/:Authority not being modified
  • providers/proxy: fix nil error in claims
  • providers/proxy: improve error handling for invalid backend_override
  • sources/ldap: log entire exception
  • sources/saml: fix incorrect ProtocolBinding being sent
  • sources/saml: fix server error
  • stages/authenticator_validate: handle non-existent device_challenges
  • web/admin: fix mismatched icons in overview and lists


This release does not introduce any new requirements.


Download the docker-compose file for 2022.1 from here. Afterwards, simply run docker-compose up -d.


Update your values to use the new images:

tag: 2022.1.1